Benefits of Using Polyurethane Adhesives

Polyurethane adhesives are one of the most used bonding products. This type of adhesives have a wide range of application and plenty of advantages over the traditional bonding agents. It works on almost every kind of substrate, whether porous or not. It is resistant to moisture and is able to withstand temperatures that can cause other type of adhesives to fail. Polyurethane adhesives also has shorter curing time.

Manufacturing industries are always searching for materials that will improve their products or improve the efficiency of their operations to boost profits. Polyurethane adhesives help achieve these goals. In terms of production speed, the strong initial bond and fast curing ability of the adhesive makes it perfect for assembly line production processes. After applying the adhesive, the components can then immediately sent to the next process without waiting for complete curing. This speeds up production and allows manufacturing companies to maximize profits.

In terms of product development, it is best to look at the automotive manufacturing industry to see how polyurethane adhesives have benefited them. Automotive components that are made of lighter materials can be attached using only the adhesive and rivets. This results to cars and other vehicles that are lighter and thus, consumes less fuel. There is an increasing demand for more fuel efficient vehicles. Polyurethane adhesives play a significant role in meeting this demands.

While popular for industrial and construction uses, there are also polyurethane adhesives that are designed for home use. These adhesives are bound to replace contact cements and other kinds of glue in the near future.

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