Guide To Suspension Kits

There are many reasons to upgrade or replace your suspension system. Whatever the reason may be, the important thing is to do the upgrade or replacement properly. In order to do so, you need to know about the parts to be replaced and how they contribute to vehicle performance and find out how the replacement part can improve over the original part. This guide aims to go over the common parts of suspension upgrade kits.

Lowering the suspension enhances handling and styling. Coilovers are used to provide the desired drop in suspension height. You want coilovers with dampers that are designed to work with the limited stroke and clearance that the lowered suspension brings. This ensures that you get the improved handling and styling while retaining as much comfort as possible.


You can improve your car’s handling without making changes to the geometry of the suspension system. One method is by replacing the original rubber bushings on the spring mounts, control arm, and rear sway bar with something firmer and more durable. Doing so makes the suspension behave more consistently and gives it a more predictable handling.


Some suspension kits not only provide performance improvements but also enable more control over on how the suspension behaves in order to tune the vehicle for different types of road conditions or driving style. An example are the height adjustable shock absorbers that can be tuned to match different suspension heights.

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