How Important is Lubrication?

Any business operation that involves the use of machineries and equipment allocate a significant portion of maintenance expenses for lubrication.  What is lubrication and how important is it?

lubricationLubrication is the process  or technique employed meant to reduce friction between two or more surfaces that are moving relative to each other. This is done by introducing a lubricant between the two surfaces. The lubricant creates a barrier between surfaces to facilitate smoother movement through the reduction of friction. The reduced friction means less wear and tear to the moving components caused by mechanical forces and heat.

Lubrication is very important for allowing machineries and other equipment to operate with maximum efficiency and increase its serviceable life. It is crucial for protecting and maximizing the value of investment related to equipment.

High amount of friction between mechanical components means more power is required for the equipment to operate. The higher power consumption results to increased electric bill. The application of lubricant helps minimize the power required for the equipment to operate which results to lower electric bill. Many lubricants contain additives that give it special properties like the ability to protect components from corrosion or increased conductivity which helps transfer heat away from the components.

There are many kinds of lubricants. Some are formulated to function in extreme cold or heat. Some are used to facilitate very quick movements while others are better suited for heavy loads. There are lubricants for sealed systems and for open lubrication applications.

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