Maintaining Trailer Springs

Trailer SpringsSpring failure bears serious consequences, especially on the road.With the extreme loads that trailers often carry, broken springs for trailer can have tragic consequences. That is why truckers are always reminded to check the springs before and after traveling. Any spring that shows significant wear must be replaced immediately. However, the extreme conditions that trailers are exposed to makes it impossible to prevent problems from happening on the road. A spring that was in good condition before departure to fail during the journey. A way to minimize the risk of such an event from occurring through proper maintenance.


Springs are fairly simple components.  Maintenance for them revolves primarily on keeping them clean and the paint free from chips or scratches. Cleaning the springs is a fairly straightforward task.

All you need is a brush, cloth, automotive shampoo, and water. Spray the springs with water to loosen up dirt. You can mix the shampoo with some water in a sprayer bottle for better effect. Wait for a few minutes and then spray the spring with water again. This should remove most loose dirt and sand. Use the brush on hard buildups. Spray the spring with water again. Soak the cloth in a mixture of shampoo and water and scrub the spring with focus on interior surfaces for coil springs and top surface of leaf springs. Rinse the spring with water and then wipe down with a clean cloth. You can apply a protection compound to make it more resistant against dirt and moisture.


In the case of the springs’ paint being chipped, the best thing to do is perform a paint retouch. Clean the damaged area and sand if needed to level the surface. Apply two or three layers of paint.


That’s about it. Simple methods of maintain the springs of a trailer.

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