New Generation Forester Obtains Little Layout Adjustments

The entire automotive industry is keeping a close watch on Subaru as the automaker launches their new generation models built on the global platform. The new generation Forester appears to be the third model using the new global platform to be released. It has been spotted several times being road-tested. Despite the camouflaging finish, it is possible to get an idea of how the new Forester will look when released two years from now. If you haven’t seen the photos yet, you can find it simply by searching for ‘spy photos of new Subaru Forester’ on your favorite search engine.

Based on the available pictures, the new Forester will retain the same general shape as the current models.  The slanted windshield, large windows, and tall roofline have all been preserved. What is noteworthy are the design changes to the front and side profile of the new model are minor. The changes give the new Forester a significantly more aggressive and sportier look. Whether these changes are good or bad depends on individual preference.

Subaru design has always leaned towards utilitarian. The large windows and tall roofline were meant to provide the best visibility and awareness when driving. The body shape was meant to provide the best protection to passengers in case of crash. Some like it and some don’t. These really never stopped people who wanted to buy Subaru from doing so, as reflected by the sales figures. The small design changes are more inclined towards giving the new Forester an attitude which is likely to be a welcome addition to a substantial number of people.

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