Subaru To Launch Two New Models This Year

Planning to buy Subaru sometime in the near future? Don’t be too quick to draw your wallet. It was announced during the Chicago Auto Show. Two new model launches are planned for this year by Subaru. One of these two models could be the one you are looking for.

The first one is going to be a new Subaru Hybrid. And it is likely to be based on the Crosstrek. The crossover segment is one of the most popular segments right now. And its popularity is going to continue growing. It makes sense to implement the hybrid technology in the most popular segment.

The hybrid system will take from Toyota Prius Prime’s system. This is hardly surprising. Toyota owns  16.5 percent of Subaru. It makes perfect business sense for Subaru to use Toyota technology.

The second one is going to be the next generation Forester. The new Forester will be based on the global platform and will arrive in October this year. The current Forester remains a good car despite being already nine years old.

However, it is easy to see that the new one which is going to be based on the global platform is going to be better. The global platform is touted to improve handling, reliability, and safety than current models. This bodes well for the upcoming Forester.

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