What is Oil Reclamation?

Oil reclamation refers to the process that restores a used oil to an almost original condition so that it can be used again. It has plenty of benefits. It is lauded by many due to its positive impact on the environment. Considering how regulations regarding environment protection are becoming even more stringent, oil reclamation is something that operations must consider. Aside from having a much more eco-friendly operation, reclamation can also help in lowering the lubrication cost. It is one of the most cost-effective options if you have huge amounts of oil that you want to keep in service without spending for a full change-out.

Alberta's oil sands mines

Alberta’s oil sands mines

There are two options when it comes to oil reclamation. You can either have your own reclamation equipment or hire a reclamation service. Both have its advantages and disadvantages. Having your own reclamation facility can help you save more money in the long run. However, it also requires a massive initial expense for the needed equipment and personnel.

A reclamation service is the better option for companies who do not have the capital to invest for their own equipment or those who are still not certain about fully-committing to reclamation process. Another benefit to a reclamation service is that companies do not have to deal with the mess or byproducts created by the process.

According to lubricant technology experts, the downside to reclamation service is that the quality of the reclaimed oil is very dependent on the quality of the process employed by the reclamation service provider.  A poor job by the reclamation service can lead to damages on your equipment.

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